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Here is what folks are saying about the Buck and Boar.



 Dear Troy,

       I want to thank you for the excellent few days of hunting our group had at the Buck and Boar Lodge. From the personal attention and advice the guides offered each hunter to our meals and accommodations, your operation was first-class. We look forward to coming back each year.

                                    -- Will Payne, Virginia Beach



     I have known Troy since he was living with the hogs. I have been there to see the evolution of the Buck and Boar. Due largely to the charisma of Troy and high quality of the hunt. Today the Buck and Boar is by far the best hog hunt in the U.S.
        As host of Northwoods Adventures TV , we have filmed there for years and rolled some awesome tape. So great in fact, that at this point a dozen other shows (that also air nationally ) request to film with Troy every year. If you have ever spent some time with the "Hog Slayer" himself, well then you know that the trip would be worth it just to hang with a guy who calls everyone "Bo." But don't let that thick (and I mean thick) low country South Carolina accent fool ya. Troy is the top dog in the country when it comes to running a hog hunting operation, and the leading expert on hog behavior from a hunting aspect. He gets calls often from other outfitters, magazines, and shows on networks as well known as the Discovery channel. In short, I am in awe of all that the Buck and Boar has become, I respect Troy Ayer as a leader in this industry, and I an proud to call him one of my very best friends.

                                                            Chris Cobbett
                                                   Northwoods Adventures TV


Thank you for a great experience. Not many hunting camps will take a child six years old. I 'm greatful that you did. My son and I had a great time. Everyone made us feel welcome and truly made my son feel he was special. He is very shy but your staff made him open up with humor and hands on encouragement. Everyone got involved to make it a memorable experience. This is an awesome place to see quality hogs. But, we did many other things than just hunt. This wasn't just a hunt, it was an outdoor experience. I've been to other places that were not the same quality. My son is begging to return and be part of your hunting family. Our guide was truly great at what he does. He loves hunting and he loves children. We will return, ASAP. 

                                                           Thank you.... 

                                                          Justin Morrison 



Dear Troy,

I'm glad I put together the Virginia group to hunt the Buck and Boar in the spring of 2009. We had eight in my group and everyone got a hog. Your facility and service was unsurpassed. I was impressed that we received exactly what you said we would, excellent service and professional guides. I look forward to returning....and I also know that others from Virginia hunted the Buck and Boar after hearing about our trip and also had an excellent experience.

See you this spring again.

                                                             John W. Jones
                                                           Executive Director
                                                  Virginia Sheriffs' Association




"The best information you can get is talking to who's been here and hunted with us.  Not only have these guys hunted with us,  they have hunted all over the world, making their living in the hunting industry.  If anybody knows whether or not we stack up to other outfits in the hog hunting business,  these guys should know, so give them a call they will be more than glad to tell you about the Buck and Boar, Americas premier hog hunting destination.  Feel free to give me a call if you would like to have additional references or if you would like to have one of those critters that I got dying to make your day"


                                                                                  TROY AYER C.E.O.