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   The info. below will put you in the know!    

A good day dog hunti'n--Todd & Dwayne(up frt.)I'm in the back w/shades

Am I guarenteed a kill?

No. We sell a hunt, not an animal. We currently maintain over an 80 percent success rate on 200 plus pound hogs. I wish I could guarantee every client a kill. Helping you achieve your harvest goals are our number one priority. I will guarantee you'll hunt an area that has an abundance of mature hogs, over a bait site that's visited by multiple mature hogs.  The reality of it is there are many variables we do not control. I can do everything right, the hunter can do everything right and things can still go wrong. Thats hunting. With a success rate of over 80 percent, and I'm not talking about junk, these are 200 pound plus hogs, you got as close to a guarantee as there is. Over half of the 15 or so percent that do not kill have missed great hogs. Some have missed over and over! That puts my shooting opportunity at over 90 percent!

An outfitter that guarantees a kill is controlling all the variables, setting you up, we call it canned hunting. A farm raised hog is released from a cage for dogs to bay-up, or for a hunter to stalk and kill, never knowing he just carefully and quietly stalked up on a tame hog that would't run off if he stomped the ground with his boot. Many guaranteed hunts take place in small pens that are stocked with farm raised hogs that are far from wild. The farm raised animal lacks the natural instinct to avoid humans and is in a pen that lacks the acreage and cover to do so if he tried. So be careful of an outfit that guarantees a kill, they have a place you can kill a hog, just don't confuse it with hog hunting.

What's the difference between a Russian boar and a European boar?

       The term Russian boar is a commonly used name, but there is no such critter. There are many European  boar in Russia, but no Russian boar in Europe, or any where else either. The original wild boar of America were European hogs introduced by Spanish explorers to free range and serve as a source of meat (most all swine breeds have European ancestry but thats another story). European hogs display the traits most trophy hunters dream of. A long snout, tall main of hair down the back, erect ears, wooley thick coat, short temper, long tusks, and deer like mobility are what puts European boar in a class of their own. Some European hogs originated from Russia. Pure European hogs no longer exist in our wild hog population. Most feral swine populations are a cocktail of domestic lines that have rooted their way out of hog pens to thrive in the swamp. Feral hogs in some areas still display a hint of European traits thanks to their European ancestors. Having a  likeness to European hogs that were imported from Russia earned them the nickname Russian boar.  Most Russian wild boar hunts you see advertised today are hunts for domesticated breeds gone wild or stocked from pig farms for you to shoot. These hogs can not be Russian, will not be European, and may not even be wild. So the next time some one offers to sell you a Russian boar hunt, don't expect to bring home a big Russian trophy boar, there is no such thing.

I own several deer rifles, what cal. would be best for hogs?


 Most 30 cal. rifles are fine. Anything smaller will not allow room for human error. Anything bigger is better. Most (70%) shots that enter a hog never exit. Hogs are thick and stop rounds that you may think would pass through. Without an exit wound you have little if any blood trail. You have a hog shot in the vitals, most likely lying dead within 150 yards of the stand, it's dark out and you have no blood trail; not good. The heavier the bullet the better. You can kill a hog with most any round. Shoot him with a round that has the weight to pass through and you can find the hog.  Stay away from highly expandable bullets. You need to use something thats going to have weight retention for adequate penetration. My personal hog rifle is chambered in 45-70. Remember one thing, If you are not proficient with your rifle, it does not matter what round it shoots. The most important factor is bullet placement. Trigger time at the range will improve your success in the field. A quality light gathering scope will also improve your success. Hogs feed late in the evening so be prepared to shoot in low light. 

How long of a shot should I be prepared to make rifle hunting for hogs?

               Most all shots are under 100 yards. I have several stand locations that offer shots up to 300 yards. Keep in mind most of the activity is late evening in low light. This is the reason most bait sites are only 50 yards from the stand. In low light you need to be close to see the target. When you stalk hunt you are hunting cover, there again your shots are close, averaging 50 yards. If your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards, shoot some at 50 yards so you will know where it is hitting because that will be the most likely shot you're presented with.

My wife doesn't hunt, can she sit a stand with me? If she decides not to, whats there to do?

            Yes, we welcome non-hunting guest.  I have over forty stand set ups I use. Many of these stands have plenty of room for two, several of my shooting houses are 6' by 8' "family size" huts. The majority of the large stands have tops. The exception would be the bow stands,most all bow stands are single hunter stands.     Guest that aren't hunting can all ways fish one of several stocked ponds on the property. A world class zoo, museums, shoping, dineing and night clubs are less than an our from camp. Charleston S.C. is a great place for a day trip before or after your hunt. It"s an old historical town a little over an hour away, a must see for history buffs.

Are your hog hunts suitable for first time hunters?

Yes, we have introduced countless youngsters and first time adults to the great sport of hunting. We will be happy to lend a hand at our range, and hunt with you.

What's the best time of the year to hunt hogs and rams.?

              Both species offer great year around hunting. Hogs have a full coat of wool in the winter that looks good mounted. The animals also move more in cold weather. Jan-Apr. the hogs are under constant hunting pressure and tend to get skittish, moving mostly at night. 

When do we go to our stands and how long do we hunt?

          We encourage guests to spend as much time in the stand as they can. Morning hunts start before first light and hunters are picked up 3--3-1/2 hrs. later. Mid-day hunts are just that and last 2-3 hrs..Guest head in for the evening hunt about 4 hrs. before dark and are picked up well after last light. Guest that like to sit all day can, let us know before hand so we can have you a bagged lunch and a 2-way radio. We usually work things out where each guest is comfortable with the hunt. The one thing you do not do is leave your stand.

When is the prime time to kill a trophy buck?

               Deer season opens Aug. 15th. Guest that are looking to get a trophy in full velvet should book their dates before Sept. We kill quality bucks all season. Our pre-rut gets going by Oct. 1st with the rut peaking in last ten days of the month. Post-rut last on thru Nov. Any time around the rut is very productive.

What's the nearest airport to the lodge?

Columbia Metro. in Columbia S.C.is serviced by most airlines and we can arrange transportation to the lodge. If you plan on renting a car (you don't need to) you can normally fly into Charlotte N.C.for a lower rate. Charlotte is 1-1/2hrs. from the lodge.

The info-pac says meals included. What can I expect?

         Unlike many places you may have visited the Buck and Boar expects you to eat the way you like. Before sunrise there is coffee,milk,juice,tea,fruit,cereal,toast,pastry etc..After the morning hunt we serve a full breakfast of meat,eggs,grits,bread and sometimes potatoes or pancakes or omelettes and now and then shrimp & gravy on the grits. Get the picture? There is always sandwich meat and all that goes with it along with snack cakes, tea,coffee and bottled water in the kitchen. Make yourself at home in the kitchen if you need something. Any time before the hunt grab a bottle of water and a snack for later. After the evening hunt supper is on. We usually do meat on the grill,bread,rice or potatoes, assorted vegetables and some sort of dessert. Any leftovers will be down in the kitchen if you need to graze on something later. Now this is not a menu just a description of what to expect. Many days we make it up as we go. Sort of kill it and grill it if you will. Any special dietary requirements you have we can work with if, and only if, you let us know in advance. Meals are provided the days you are hunting. Night before and morning after your hunt is on you.

Are guests permitted to consume alcoholic beverages?

Yes, adult beverages may be consumed after the last hunt of the day. Any guest under the influence of any drug (alcohol inc). will not hunt and will not be due any refund. We like to see you enjoy yourself and have a great time. Drink as much as you wish after hours. Don't let it have a negative effect on any one else and it's all good.

Do I need a hunting license?

Yes, a S.C. hunting license is required to hunt the Buck and Boar. Deer hunters need a big game permit in addition to a regular hunting license. A big game stamp is NOT required to hog hunt. You should purchase your license in advance and have it when you arrive. A 3-day non-resident permit is $40.00; a 10-day is $75.00. Non- res. big-game stamp is $100.00 . Purchase your license by phone .    S.C.D.N.R.- 866-714-3611          or click on   WWW.dnr.sc.gov      




Why do you charge a trophy fee for a wounded animal that we can not find?

Wounded animals seldom survive, most that do are unable to compete for food and remain under weight and poor never returning to trophy status. So if you wound an animal you have taken that animal from us and  therefore owe compensation. Believe me when I say we try to avoid this situation as much as anyone. Every reasonable effort will be made to recover the animal. Please understand your not hunting unwanted feral pigs off of some ones deer lease. Most landowners regard them as long legged rats. European hogs bring much more on the hoof than I charge for a hunt. Please take only ethical low risks shots

Should I bring along my favorite climbing stand?

 It won't hurt to throw it in the truck. We may or may not utilize it. We have an assortment of climbers but I prefer letting you use the one your familiar with. Most guest that use climbers are bow hunters.

How many guests would it take to reserve the entire lodge?       We require eight paying hunters to get exclusive use of the lodge. Twelve hunters get the entire Buck and Boar, lodge ,cabin and all in between.

How physically demanding are your hunts. Can I have a good hunt if I'm disabled?

We can tailor a hunting package thats within most any ones physical limitations. Spot-n-stalk hunting requires a lot of slow walking. You will walk most of the day but it's nothing fast paced. Stand hunting on the other hand can be as easy as we need to make it. We have ground blinds with room for two or more. Most blinds can be accessed with one of our ATVs or trucks requiring little or no walking at all.

We also offer a safari style hunt where you will ride quietly in a Bad Boy buggy electric cart, many times shooting hogs from the cart. 

We are committed to making your hunt enjoyable. Let us know if your physically challenged when you book so we can plan your hunt accordingly.

If I hunt with my bow what will my average shot be?

         Bow hunters will hunt from stands set up for bow hunting. The Buck and Boar staff are bow hunters so we know what you need in a stand set-up. Your bait will be within 20 yds. of your stand. If your patient you should get a shot over the bait. Stalk hunting with a bow is another story. If you are not holding a three inch group at forty yards every time you pull, it will be a long day. 

Do I have to find a taxidermist back home or can I have my trophy mounted by someone you know?

        You can do either. If you have a taxidermist at home we will pack the cape on ice for the trip home. We can put you in contact with a local taxidermist. All details concerning the mount are between you and him. We can store the cape if it is to be picked up to mount. We do not endorse any of these businesses.

What type of tackle do we need to fish the ponds around the lodge?

Light-medium tackle hooked up with some zoom worms, a shad rap, and a little luck can produce bass up to 10 lbs,

The catfish in the pond (blues and flatheads) get as big as 30 lbs., so bring the big stuff!

How far is a store from the lodge ?

Wal-mart and Sportsmans Warehouse are located 30 mi. west of the lodge.

Do you offer a less expensive "meat hog" hunt?

No. The trophy fee on any hog is $400.00 each. You are welcome to harvest a sow or boar but the cost is the same. Our hogs are one of four lines of Eurasian swine. We host a herd with genetics that rival any breeders stock. Any surplus sows, sholts or  gilts are trapped and sold to breeders. Many bring more than our trophy fee! The cheap meat hog hunts are offered by outfitters who are hunting nuisance feral pigs. The land is typically managed for deer and the pigs are heavily hunted to control the population. There is no management program for trophy boar and the harvest is not limited. That is the reason few trophy animals are harvested on these ranches.